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TerraMD Certified Care Team Coordinator

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TerraMD Certified Care Team Coordinator

Become a Certified Care Team Coordinator and Make a Difference in Integrative Health

Navigating the world of integrative health and ayurveda can be complex. Simplify the process for your friends and family by becoming a TerraMD Certified Care Team Coordinator. This course equips you with the tools to assist in completing detailed ayurveda assessment forms, explain individualized care plans, and schedule appointments effectively.

Course Highlights:

The course is conducted online and includes recorded classes, PDF material and virtual open office hours with administrative staff as well as our doctors. 

Duration: ~ 20 hours. 

The course is self-paced and begins on September 15th.

- Hands-On Training: Learn how to fill out intricate ayurveda assessment forms with confidence.
- Care Plan Navigation: Understand the components of an ayurvedic care plan and communicate them clearly to patients.
- Appointment Scheduling: Master the logistics behind effective appointment setting.
- Basic Wellness Techniques: Gain skills in simple exercises like breathing techniques and stretching to enhance well-being.

Who Should Enroll:

- Individuals interested in integrative health and wellness.
- Current students of Yoga and Ayurveda looking to extend their skill set.
- Those seeking a rewarding way to earn income while helping others navigate their health journey.

Become a trusted guide in the realm of integrative health. Enroll today and empower yourself and your community.